Maker Faire 2018 - About


It is the greatest annual event of digital creativity and invention concern to tackle and solve the great challenges facing today people in a progressively complex society.


Gathers hundreds of engineers, artists, designers, hackers, craftsmen, programmers, scientists, “garage inventors” or just curious of any age, education or background, loving to create and ready to enjoy the emotion of «Making».


Local and international Makers are enthusiastic to share their knowledge, creativity and their brightest projects through exhibitions, creative technologies workshops, conversations and interactive demos, targeted at all ages.


Come, participate, contribute and experience how the Future is in your hands!



Is an open innovation ecosystem that takes advantage of new technologies to revolutionize the way to use natural resources and production, while blurring the boundaries between creation and consumption.


The movement emphasizes learning through experience. Despite its standard is the DIY concept (Do It Yourself), it promotes global knowledge and local production of physical objects in open collaboration, DIWO (Do It with others).


The rise of affordable technological tools, digital distribution, local manufacturing and the circular economy marks a decisive change in a society based on linear, centralized production.


The Makers investigate and implement new solutions, transfer innovations to the market with the idea of ​​promoting self-sufficient and sustainable societies and create opportunities of relevant employment to all citizens. They invent, share, inspire and motivate and, in this process, they are transforming education, economy and society.