June 16 & 17, 2018, Italian Pavillion, Barcelona

Barcelona Maker Faire is a partnership between Sónar+D, SokoTech, Fab Lab Barcelona & IN(3D)USTRY with the support of the Barcelona City Hall. Over 200 local and international makers, being Paris its main 2018 invited city, display their creations in the Italian Pavilion at Fira Barcelona and CaixaForum.

This event showcases innovation, creativity, and hands-on learning for adults, teens, and kids. Maker Faire Barcelona 2018 brings together the local and international Maker Community, understanding this community as a broad universe that brings together researchers and practitioners from the Maker movement together with Universities and Research Centers and socially innovative companies.

The meeting between makers, scientific and technological research groups and companies encourages the mutual knowledge and interaction between diverse initiatives, while facilitating greater accessibility to different groups and a great diversity of proposals. As a fundamental objective, to favor the feedback and symbiosis between the different participants and projects.

The aim is to promote the integration of Science and Technology with a rapidly growing innovation ecosystem such as the Maker Movement. This encourages the meeting between the best researchers and creators of both models and favors the transmission of knowledge and practice among the general public.

In this framework, a significant selection of the projects of scientists and makers related to the culture of digital innovation will be presented. The projects will be grouped into large areas around some of the major economic and social challenges facing society: food, energy and mobility, advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0, habitat and urbanism, education and learning and the environment and health.

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