October 5 & 6th, 2019, Nau Bostik, Barcelona

to a Circular Economy
Recycle, Repair, Reuse, Reinvent, Redesign


This sixth edition sets its location at Nau Bostik, an emblematic citizen led cultural center, in the neighborhood of la Sagrera. Referring to artistic creation and social innovation, it brings together and hosts a solid, restless and vigorous associative network of socio-cultural agents.


This location it is not by chance since Maker Faire Barcelona 2019 wants to emphasize the urgent need to rethink and activate a new model of local and scalable economy: research, learning, entrepreneurship, production, employment and responsible consumption for the city, highlighting the central role of the Circular Economy, Resilience and Creativity.


Come, participate, contribute and experience how the Future is in your hands!


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Maker Faire Barcelona 2019 brings together the local and international Maker Community, understanding this community as a broad universe that unites researchers and practitioners of the Maker movement, Universities, Research Centers and Socially Innovative Enterprises.


The meeting between makers, technologists, scientists and enterprisess wants to promote the interaction between different initiatives and a wide variety of proposals. A main goal is to foster cross-pollination between projects and participants.


The aim is, on one hand, to promote the integration of Science and academic and business Technology with an ecosystem of fast-growing innovation like the Maker Movement. On the second hand, to encourage the meeting between the best researchers and creators of all three systems and, at the same time, favoring the transmission of knowledge and practic among the general public.


In this framework, a significant selection of projects will be presented within the framework areas of the Circular Economy & Creativity.


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